Andrew is an investor in ocean innovations. He’s expert in the practice and principles of growing beneficial innovations and healthy communities.

Andrew is Managing Director at [For Blue](, a social enterprise growing innovations and blue economies around the Indian Ocean, and co-founder of [Meshpoints](, a network of more than 100 leaders in social innovation.

Through advocacy, advisory and previous ventures he’s attracted more than $30 million investment into Western Australian innovations and incubators.

Previous ventures include: Pollinators Inc, CityHive (WA’s first and longest-running coworking space), Goodness Festival, Spark Challenge (UK) and StartupWA.

Andrew has published research, given lectures and taught courses on topics including increasing consciousness, coaching for sustainability, multi-stakeholder governance, community development and marine science. His qualifications include Honours in marine science (UWA), Masters in sustainability (Sweden), and multiple certifications in leadership development.

Andrew loves stillness and silence, and reckless laughter, enjoying them most when shared with others in wild places, on adventures, or while volunteering.


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“Andrew was on a design team developing training and organisational culture programmes for companies that want to reduce carbon emissions and energy use through behaviour change. He brought a real expertise in the area of climate change and organisational change and his commitment and drive ensured that the project was completed to a high degree of quality within a short timeframe.”

“When forming any course of action we frequently forget that humans have an natural resistance to change no matter how beneficial or logical it may seem. Andrew has a unique ability to reflect on the “human condition” , focus on the drivers that motivate people to act and linking both to solutions. I would recommend his services for any planning / engagement process to help maximise your outcomes.”

“Andrew was very attentive and professional with communicating and discussing the outcomes of my PRINT report. I gained a better understanding of my ‘best self’ and ‘shadow’ behaviours depending on whether my unconscious motivators are being satisfied. I now better understand my wants (i.e. how to fulfill my unconscious motivators) and I have begun seeking new positions which may better satisfy them”

“I really valued the consideration and mindfulness taken to ensure effective communication, and the efforts and consideration pre and post sessions. It is truly rewarding to work with someone that is adaptable and has a genuine desire to provide meaningful outcomes and impact. Our work together felt very collaborative and whilst sometimes I felt challenged, it was hugely rewarding and I continue to get benefit from the work we did together many months later”

“By discussing concepts I understand in other contexts, use intuitively or on an ad hoc basis, in a precise way relevant to my current work, I saved a heap of time, worry and working out from first principles. I can now just get on with it, with a view to larger partnerships, knowing they are, actually possible, even with the word ‘yoga’ in the title!”