Bendigo Bank community services ecosystem

Geraldton’s Community bank branch an amazing array of services, grants and funding opportunities for community groups. The image attached is an unofficial attempt to highlight how some of these work, centred around a member-based, NFP community organisation.


As a voluntary Director, shareholder, and business and personal customer I am still working out how to make the most of Bendigo’s services.


While not all are captured (e.g. telco, insurance etc) the illustration does include:

  • Bendigo Bank Community Bank model — 50% profits go back to community projects (50% to Bendigo corporate shareholders)
  • Community Sector Banking products — 50% of profit from fees go to a consortium of 20 NFPs who half-own the service
  • redy digital payment solution — 0.5% of retail transactions are available as ‘creds’ to donate to community groups
  • act. banking products — 0.4% of monthly balance available as “Impact Dollars” to donate to community projects,
  • Community Enterprise Foundation — grants available to community groups through Bendigo Bank’s corporate philanthropic arm

A question for anyone reading is: Knowing this (and given rates, conditions and service are the same of better), why wouldn’t you (or your business or community group) bank with Bendigo?

And in response to some likely questions for me: “yes”, I’m inquiring internally at Bendigo as to why there is separate branding and ‘currencies’ for each of the 5 or so different ways that money goes back into community groups and projects!

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