Fresh perspectives on tough challenges

Andrew has designed and run two workshops through LearningHouse and the Hub, and in collaboration with Dawn Fleming.

You can see the flyer from the last event here fresh-perspectives_learninghouse-hub_20th-may

The format and content of the workshops are designed to enable participants to see their challenges from new perspectives, to reveal new opportunities and improve your performance. We think that even whether it is an opportunity or challenge, really depends on how you look at it!

This particular form of the workshop is targeted at sustainability professionals, social entrepreneurs and anyone involved in thinking and acting creatively for a better future. These two events (23rd April, 20th May) were designed as a 2.5 hour ‘taster’ of some very powerful tools with a great deal of complex theory underlying them.We provide all participants with hand-outs and resources, and follow-up one month after to support use of these tools in their life and work.

The feedback was very positive from both events, and our follow-up reveals participants are already gaining real value from applying the tools in their work.

“Structure guided me to think in way that I wouldn’t naturally think.”

“Thankyou! I really enjoyed it. Loved standing and moving and transition exercises. Great facilitation.”

“This will help me come up with ways to connect to people with contradictory and strongly held beliefs – bring people around to the importance of dialogue”

“Wanted to explore new frameworks and did! Really like transitions as great examples of considering perspectives on familiar material / self.”

“Thanks so much… I have actually used the ‘integral lenses’ already – asked meeting participants to reflect on an issue from all these perspectives before they came to the meeting, so we had a more rounded discussion…..I think we may also use this more broadly across the team, as we start to focus on leadership for sustainability.”


We have further workshops planned, with new audiences and over longer times (up to 1 day), and within some of the previous participant’s organisations and communities.

The tools we introduce include:

  • Edward de Bono’s Thinking Hats,
  • Ken Wilber’s Integral Quadrants,
  • Don Beck’s Ecological-Selves,
  • Belbin’s Team Roles.

These tools are fabulous for:

  • Enabling teams to think together, with an increase in the depth and power of the thinking.
  • Ensuring all perspectives on a challenge are considered. Fuller understanding makes for better decisions.
  • Enhancing innovation through structured means of flexibility and lateral thinking.

We have used all these tools to great effect in a variety of contexts, and love sharing them with others who want to enhance their collaboration, performance and impact.

If you are interested in these tools and their application to your context, or think this specific workshop is relevant for your team, organisation or community, do get in touch.