Experiencing an Increasing Consciousness Group

We regularly facilitate 16-week “Increasing Consciousness Groups” in Perth, and previously Geraldton and Fremantle in Western Australia. People who’ve completed previous groups attest to the effectiveness of the group in actually increasing consciousness and the benefits resulting. 

This post provides ways for you to get an experience of the group before attending a preview and committing to join. The content here complements the flyers and FAQs already published.

Call Andrew anytime on 046 669 4702 to learn more. Previews are on Mon 7 and 14 Jan. The group is on Monday evenings from 21 Jan to mid-May. RSVP to the Previews: https://www.meetup.com/Empowering-Consciousness/

How to get a sense of what it is?

A for anything entirely new, one’s sense of what this is may be inaccurate. It won’t be the same as anything historical experienced or imagined based on hopes, needs or aspirations. We won’t know what it is for itself, whether it is for us or what our experience will be of it.

That’s ok. Not knowing, being curious and wanting to know is what brought you here, why you’re reading this and how this group may be for you.

Here are a few ways to get an experience of the Increasing Consciousness Group:

  • Facilitator – call on 046 669 4702 or email
  • Previews – 6pm on 7 and 14 Jan 2019 on St Georges Tce, Perth – RSVP
  • Participants – The facilitator can introduce you to past participants who may have similar life experience.
  • Testimonials and flyers – Read attached and below
  • eCoursesa 6 week online course is available.
  • Books – Read the Book of Not Knowing.

Who is it for?

Increasing Consciousness Groups are open to anyone and run globally, similarly by local facilitators in France, USA, Korea, Germany etc. Past participants are no guide to those in the future and need have nothing in common with you: people have been aged from 18 to 70; single, doing it with their partners or even members of their family. They have roles as entrepreneurs, artists, students, mental health professionals, nurses, naturopaths, coaches, photographers, manual labourers, film-makers, company directors, teachers and facilitators.

 Some questions to consider if this is for you:

  • Do you have a genuine desire for and interest in what’s true? 
  • Is being transformed something you are open to?
  • Have you done something in this direction without satisfaction? e.g. read books, attended courses, tried meditation on your own
  • Can and will you take responsibility for your own experience, inquiry, development and what you get from it?
  • Are you willing to think critically, open up and dive in with honest questions of any beliefs, assertions and your own existential assumptions?
  • Can you be grounded in your own experience and what’s true for you, and also open to new perceptions, experience or truths?

What happens in the group?

The facilitator and material work to increase your consciousness generally and through attention on principles and specific topics each week. Each topic is an investigation into a nuance and distinction, available in your experience to be contemplated right now and in each moment.

These topics: possibilities, assertions and distinctions, are introduced through short guided meditations and explored through dialogue, diads (contemplation and communication with partners) and assignments.

There are no handouts or notes to be taken, the sessions are contemplative and communicative yet also not ‘social’ as all listening is done free of judgement and mostly without response.

Participants also undertake assignments to illuminate and integrate what’s covered in each session. Experiences and insights are shared as contributions in each session.

What has been others experience?

Below are some of what participants in previous groups have said during and after:

“It’s been beneficial and practical, especially in increasing clarity in my self and with others. I’m more aware of miscommunication and how to improve it, it has change my life.”


“Honesty, sincerity, keeping your word, word being action.. all of this is immensely beneficial. Practical exercises also give me new freedom and joy.”


“I leave every session with powerful insights and principles. These contribute to significant changes in the quality of my relationships. I’m so much more effective by applying the principles during assignments. It’s more effective than other things in the past or a similar nature. I look forward to every week.”


“It’s great to do this in a group. Sharing the experience and doing it together. The assignments give focus and clarity.”


“Attempting to find truth and clarity by pointing at the method to…it takes you to the bridge and invites you to cross it. Leaves you to do the work, rather than suggesting someone else. It really leaves us to do it, for ourselves.”


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