Pollinators gets buzzing

There is an intense buzz of ideas, enterprises and investment around the world, for social good. Governments are rethinking how they deliver services, entrepreneurs are competing to solve homelesnesss and climate change, cross-sector collaborations are being used to re-invent the global food system, and corporate intrapreneurs are recreating their companies from the inside out. This is happening globally, but most importantly it is happening locally.

Our social challenges are no longer an afterthought that can be taken care of by annual donations from citizens and companies. Creating a more just and sustainable world is the mission of many organisations, and these meaningful aspirations are attracting money, talent and attention.

There is no reason why we shouldn’t experiment and see if the Mid-West’s, Australia’s or the planet’s social challenges can not be addressed with the same sort of thinking that has made Grameen Bank famous, or that Google are investing in. That is, social business and social innovation.

To share and engage with others who are excited about these trends and opportunities, I have kicked off a new venture in the form of the ‘Pollinators’ blog, network and resource hub. This blog, the Facebook and LinkedIn groups will be used to inform, connect, inspire those who want to see the social and ecological challenges of our time get as much attention as the logistical challenges of stock-prices, mining approvals and fluctuating fortunes of the rich and famous.

This blog is one way for me to learn, share, connect, be inspired…all in the service of generating real change. While the focus is on Australian and regional enterprises I also draw a lot of inspiration from many people and organisations around the world.

And, it’s not just talk – check out some of the projects here: http://wildpollinators.org/projects/

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