Ocean Oscar Keys UnsplashIn 2019 I spent a few hundred hours inquiring into the intersection of the future health of: the Indian Ocean, WA’s Economy and global sustainability, and how I may best contribute to all three. This becamePhase 1 of a research report called “For Blue” that identified strategic opportunities that could increase ocean health, human wealth, and leveraged WA’s existing natural and social assets.

The research and subsequent briefings engaged with a range of marine research institutions, peak industry bodies, international governments and elders of WA’s Blue Economy. Their response the briefings and launch were so positive that a company, also called For Blue, was formed in early 2020 to take some of the most popular ideas forward, actualise the vision and capitalise on the opportunities.
You can read more about For Blue – HERE – including:
  • original research and subsequent strategy documents,
  • outcomes of annual gatherings of more than 100 blue economy leaders,
  • inspiring companies developing new technology to increase the health of our ocean and prevent its further degradation.