Cheng Hsin puppet

For seven years I was fortunate enough to spend time learning from Peter Ralston and the Cheng Hsin community. I travelled internationally to completed every type of retreat offered, studied diligently to completed every course available and read every book published on the martial and consciousness aspects of the work. In 2017 I spent the majority of the year multi-week or multi-month retreats and meditation and experienced some significant breakthroughs into the nature of self, others, and existence.

I became one amongst the small global network of Cheng Hsin consciousness facilitators and facilitated several 3-month “Increasing Consciousness Groups”, weekend “Empowering Consciousness Workshop” and hosting longer, ten-day ‘Experiencing the Nature of Being’ retreats, some ongoing martial training groups, and other workshops and training.

You can read more about my experience of and insights from Cheng Hsin – HERE – including:

  • what is Cheng Hsin? what are the key resources to learn about it?
  • why is learning to fight effectively is complementary to meditation for increasing consciousness,
  • what an experience of these workshops and retreats is like, and what to expect in attending
  • what are key principles of the work, and what insights and difference do they make in practice.