Andrew Outhwaite facilitator


My interest and training in facilitation and leadership development has paralleled my passion for the ocean and environmental sustainability since the early 1990s. I’ve worked as a corporate coach, community facilitator and have qualifications in multiple individual, team and organisational development approaches including: leadership development framework (Harthill), PRINT (Paul Hertz group) and Holacracy.

In 2008 I published a report based on research into the role of coaching in enabling organisations to make progress towards ecological and social sustainability outcomes and subsequently presented the findings at conferences and applied it in my coaching work. I continue to apply and evolve my learning in work with individuals, teams and large multi-stakeholder initiatives.

You can read a selection of blogs on related topics – HERE – including on:

  • different ‘territories’ for developing as a leader,
  • the merits of innovation competitions and art exhibitions to catalyse social change,
  • summaries of the published research on coaching for sustainability,
  • introductions to frameworks and tools, such as holacracy, leadership development framework and integral theory,
  • specific skills like feeling deeper, listening differently, being purposeless, or paying attention to transitions,
  • the significance of one’s identity for sustainability.