Since 2008 I’ve been learning and sharing about how to incubate innovations.

This work has included running and designing incubators, facilitating accelerator programs, presenting at conferences, multiple international study tours, advocating on behalf of them, and being engaged by local, regional, state and federal governments as an expert to author strategies or make recommendations on investing in incubators.

You can read a selection of articles on this topic – HERE – including on:

  • what’s a good incubator, and how to measure it?
  • what is an ‘incubation facilitator’ and why is that a different skill than ‘running an incubator’?
  • what characterises healthy innovation ecosystems, and how do they differ geographically?
  • how can local government grow innovation for local economic, social and environmental benefit?
  • what is unique and important to know about innovation in regional areas?