Andrew Outhwaite Rottnest Solo Crossing

I’ve always loved the ocean, but have far from it for on periods while in Sweden, London and Canada and pursued other movement practices such as mountain biking, martial arts or rock climbing. In 2020 during the COVID lockdown I found myself living very close to the ocean and with every reason to spend more time in it. One day gazing across to Rottnest, and with inspiration from a few amazing people, I decided to focus on the ocean, swimming and swim to Rottnest while raising money for a very worthy cause – Type 1 Diabetes.

Over the course of training I swam 541 kilometres and ultimately achieved my goal of swimming to Rottnest, solo, and raising more than $5410. You can read about the preparation, swim and Type 1 Diabetes – HERE – including:

  • reaching one’s limits and going beyond them,
  • metrics that matter for ocean swimmers, and those with type 1 diabetes,
  • drugs and nutrition for swimmers, and people with type 1,
  • how the swim went on the day!