Delicious reflexious-ness

Boat Iceland

Reflexion, an alternative British spelling of ‘reflection’ is defined as:

  • a remark expressing careful consideration
  • a calm, lengthy, intent consideration
  • expression without words

It seems to have originated from Latin ‘reflexio’ and ‘the art of bending back’. A sort of recursive, reflexive capacity.

This name emerged as a means of expressing the intention for this blog: to explore and embody a different type of contribution from my habitual, frantic action.

From the experience of working with respected peers and noticing the moments and movements that have affected me, there seems to be huge, contributive value in’who’ you/they/we are (what type of vessel). Embodying rather than espousing, exploring rather than pontificating, creatively creating rather than persistently projecting.

Working on conservation, sustainability, leadership and entrepreneurship, I’ve previously put emphasis on the location or direction of one’s contribution (the ‘where’), the architecture and the gross artifacts (the ‘what’).

Now, I’m more and more interested in the orientation and qualities embodied in any action e.g. reflexion being translated into a sort of quality, like delicious, but reflexious.

This blog is to share careful, intent reflections. And occasional less calm outbursts of light or darkness.

Conversations about all of this are most welcome.

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