Summer suggestions for incubator facilitators

Curated suggestions for those facilitating startup incubation 2019 planning or summer reading.

Make a cup of tea and enjoy perusing. Let us know what you appreciate or make your own suggestions in the comments or by email:


If you missed any of the 14 editions of the incubation facilitation newsletter you can read the archives. 14 relevant blogs were posted in 2018 including guides for local government, commentary on national startup statistics and international studies on incubator effectiveness. The blogs by Second Muse and Frontier Incubators are also excellent.

For a longer read, StartupAus Crossroads report is essential for Australian startup supporters:


If you like listening more than reading you can use features in iOS/Android or apps (e.g. Instapaper, Pocket) to listen to blog content. Or use a podcast service to listen to This Week in Startups (Australia), StartupWest, Innovation Bay or search for other great content.


Invest in your professional development:


Contribute to a festival or conference in 2019:


Give recognition to someone else by nominating them for an award:


Make the maps better by adding your incubator or venture:


Plan an overseas trip, assisted through government incentives:

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