Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Art at SHINE

We were recently involved in SHINE Unconference for social entrepreneurs.

We researched how understanding ‘Fundamental Human Needs’ can inform both the analysis, diagnosis, innovation and marketing phases of social entrepreneurship. Based on this thinking we co-created an installation that engaged visitors in the ten fundamental human needs. And, hosted several workshops with partner organisations who do work in related areas. This work was completed for the ‘SHINE’ event on Thames Southbank between May 9 and 11, 2008. It has wider relevance, and elements of this work will appear elsewhere again in the future….

Means and Ends

Below are links to reports, sites, presentations and images that came out of the event:

Read our report on the installation, workshops and presentations: needs-at-shine-report-a3-a

Visit the SHINE site: and the photos and blogs generated over the course of the event

You can view the short version of the presentation Andrew gave here: arising-needs-for-shine-short_compressed

[slideshare id=421468&doc=arising-needs-for-shine-shortcompressed2-1211452792649575-8&w=425]

You can view Rick Muir from IPPR’s presentation here: belonging-and-identity-for-entrepreneurs

[slideshare id=423404&doc=belonging-and-identity-for-entrepreneurs-1211526148542531-8&w=425]

Read the background behind the idea here:

and here:

Below are links to the organisations and individuals who were involved, and their work:

Haringey Arts, with Daniel Hernandez at the helm:

WWF and Anthony Kleanthous’ latest reports: and

IPPR and Rick Muir’s work on Belonging:


Biz Fizz and their book of inspiring stories “Who’s the Entrepreneur”

Sarah Sea and her work with Sea Buzzard:

Amber Collins and Luke Raftis’ Sustainability Master’s Programme:

Olivia McGilchrist and her camera wizardry

Other equally worthy (but offline) contributors included: Robert Pyecroft-Rainbow, Nell Currie and Eszter Kun.

What next?

You can continue the conversations and networking online at

Get in touch if you want to learn more about sustainability, and the opportunities for business to better meet NEEDS

Circle of Funadamental Human Needs

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